Designer puffer coats AW12

Ideas for December dressing // Scrunchies, puffa jackets and furry nails. No, really.

Christmas dressing for the most means rotating roughly three outfits: something sparkly (going out), a gravy stained jumper (staying in) and a questionable onesie (being hungover).

Avoid the sartorial festive rut with some pre-Christmas fashion and beauty inspiration below…

Coloured (faux) fur

Kate Moss coloured faux fur

Natalie Joos and Kate Moss have been seen sporting coloured fur this December. Try a Prada-eque coloured stole over a million hoodies and ripped jeans with cutesy Mary-Jane’s or make like a sugar puff in a bright fluffy coat.

Scrunchies (on your wrist)

Cara Delevingne’s MSC Scrunchie promo video with Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse was the cherry on the hype cake:

Or check out DENA, my favourite purveyor of ‘wrist Scrunchie’ chic:

Cocktail shiz

Karl's limited falsies for Shu UemuraRocks and LBDs are sooo 2011. Add the prefix ‘cocktail’ now to pretty much anything and it becomes Christmas party gold.

Keep up with cocktail trousers (printed, metallic, jacquard), cocktail T-shirts (silk, embellished) and cocktail lashes (check out Karl’s limited falsies for Shu Uemura).

Puffer jackets

Designer puffer coats AW12

This season, Burberry have shown how a typically bulky silhouette can actually look modern. Plus it’s the closest acceptable thing to a duvet you can wear right now. Try metallic finishes and consider a belt.

And one for the New Year: Fur-effect nails

Available from the MUA Make-up Academy from January, fuzzy micro-fibres are added to wet nails and left to dry. Colours include Fluffy and Booboo fluff. A fuzzy thumbs up to 2013.

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    Scrunchie Fan

    I’ve never stopped wearing scrunchies since the 90s though it’s been the secrecy of my own home! Does this mean I can ‘come out’ again? yay!

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      I ruddy love scrunchies. Bought some last year for a 90s fancy dress party and are so glad they’re back in my life. Ha!

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