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Kate Moss just made Adidas Gazelles cool again

Step aside Stan Smiths, cos Gazelles are set to become the trainer of choice for the cool crowd thanks to the latest Adidas campaign.

Using images of Kate Moss in her original advertising campaign in 1993, Insta-artist Doug Abraham (AKA @bessnyc4; not linking as his account can be a bit NSFW) has created a genius splice-up collage, giving Gazelles a fresh new twist for 2016.

The campaign’s called ‘Remember the Future’ and is all about the age-old fashion trick of reinventing old trends to create something new. Pieces from the past, reimagined today, blah blah blah. Watch the vid here:

TBH, I have several feels on the matter:

  1. For me, Gazelles have never gone away. While I may have dabbled with Nike Air Max, as a 90s Brit Pop teen, I was rarely seen out of my Three-Stripes. As Kate herself says: “Gazelles were THE trainer we all wore in the 90s… I was and always have been an Adidas girl.”
  2. The original Kate Moss photos still look fresh AF today and personally, I don’t think they needed anything added to them. That’s not to take away from bessnyc4’s skill, but 90s fashion is so on point RN, that they could have simply been reissued – I’ve loved staring at them adoringly and have already dusted off my pink Gazelles, ready for a wear with a slip dress. OH YES.


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