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Pastel picks // AKA how to nail the pastel trend without looking like a Neapolitan ice cream

This one is dedicated to my dearest friend Tamara ‘can I wear a pastel bouclé jacket to a garage night?’ Hopkins (follow her on Twitter here).

The answer to the above is of COURSE, ‘yes’. So long as your lipstick matches, and indeed for all of us *looks down at fuschia jeans, lemon socks, mint jumper, coral nails and bubblegum lipstick* OK, OK,  all of YOU who want to nod, nay even cutsey to this spring’s pastel trend without looking like strawberry shortcake, (and I CAN’T THINK WHY).

So here are Le Blow’s top tips for accessorising the pastel way…

Neapolitan ice cream

WAH NAILS pastel half moons

I DIE. Those GENIUS’ at WAH NAILS have literally nailed this one (sorry) with multi pastel shades and cute half moon contrast. Hit up your nearest WAH salon, or find pop-ups in Topshop, Oxford Street and Stratford for nails soooo good you’ll want to lick them. No? Just me? Oh. OK.
Le Blow WAH NAILS pastel half moons
Visit for more deets

Pastel kicks

You heard. Cons/Vans/Puma – they’re all on it. Pimp your plims with some gorgeous chalky pastels.
Check out these Puma x UNDFTD lo-tops exclusive to Size. I’ll take one in EVERY colour. And mix and match feet. And what.
lilac pastel Pumas
See also these aqua fresh Cons exclusive to Office, and a plethora (that’s right – ‘plethora’) of pastel-y Vans:
Blue Converse


Floppy hat in a spritely shade of dijon? Sure. Headband in a choice of four different corals? OK. And my personal favourite: leather bow in lavender? Yeah, you do. American Apparel, me and my pastel manicure salute you.

Leather lilac bow from American Apparel

floppy hat American Apparel

Sweet time pieces

For delectable cute-as-cupcake wrist icing look no further than Casio, for gorgeous shades and at the steal of a price (£15), who CARES if you only wear them twice (sorry mother earth, will eBay, we PROMISE)?!
Pastel Casio watch
DISCLAIMER: no Care Bears were harmed in the writing of this article
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