Secret Cinema Back to the Future

Secret Cinema goes Back To The Future


The Secret Cinema team are taking us Back To The Future this summer with an immersive screening of the cult 80s film.

The initial run of 42,000 tickets sold out in just four hours last week, but they’ve thankfully extended the run for lazy arses slow-coaches who didn’t luck out first time round *waves hand*

Hill Valley will be recreated in  a secret (for now) London location, complete with a lightning-struck clock tower and Hill Valley High.

There’ll also be a time machine modelled on a DeLorean DMC-12 and a battle of the bands to determine which musicians will play live on stage each night.

As per, audience participation is key and you’ll be transported via the time machine (or by moving into another room) ‘tween 1985 and 1955, as Marty McFly desperately tries to unite his parents at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance to ensure his own future existence (SO DAMN 80S!).


Oh, and there’ll be an actual The Enchantment under the Sea Prom dance taking place in an after-party at a venue near the secret location, FYI.

As usual, audience participation is a huge part of the experience, with wormholes (well, doors) allowing guests to shuttle between 1955 and 1985, or become Lorraine, Biff, George or their favourite ‘BTTF’ character, plus live bands will be competing to play on stage at the dance/after-party.

Secret Cinema presents ‘Back To The Future’ runs until 31st August. Tickets cost £53.50 plus booking fee, available from

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