Style Bite // Has Instagram killed the street style fashion blog?

Instagram has OFFICIALLY taken over the fashion world. Rihanna has nearly 10 million followers. VB and the Delevingnes are obsessive users. Every angle of fashion month has been shot through the lens of an excited show goer’s iPhone even before we can even dream of it on

From Givenchy’s five car pile-up on the catwalk to a giant 2.5 bag at Chanel in Paris. This season, the shows were most definitely planned theatrically with instant Instagram buzz in mind.

1Old guard – Standard Street Style. Image:

Third-person street style blogs somehow feel superfluous when Eva Chen uses Instagram to share not just her new bag, but the entire contents of her ‘fashion week survival kit’ or Alexa shares an image of her new Tabitha Simmons Mary-Janes before she even leaves the house.

2caradelevingne-chanelss13coutureshow-parishautecouture-fashionweek-gothicbeauty-twitpic-22012013-jpg_153658New gen – Cara backstage at Chanel Couture 2013. Image: Instagram

Are Instagram feeds and model selfies the new street style blogs? They certainly have more real-time value, instant lo-fi video capacity and are updated relentlessly (errr.. that might be a yes then).

And whilst our Instagram fashion follows are most definitely NOT as uncontrived as their images suggest, what better way to see what’s genuinely ‘now’ than following it straight from sartorial source.

Because everyone knows that if it hasn’t happened in Instagram, it really hasn’t happened at all.


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