Style Bite // Sasscats, the best cats in fashion

In relative internet years fashcats have been around for an eternity. That’s cats with a fashion ‘tude – sasscats if you will.

From accompanying designers, starring in campaigns, generally loving shoes, playing the muse or delivering hammy claw-swipe putdowns. They live online (digi–sasscats) as well in reality and their roles in the industry are varied.

Miley, at the VMA’s reappropriated sasscat as an ACTUAL look. Old news right? You know it already, digi-sasscats are up there now with checks, sheer and oversized as key AW13 trends.


Here’s a few zeitgeisty sasscats from past and present that Miley’s team TOTALLY referenced off-stage.

N.B. Apologies for the puns in advance.

Skat Cat

Feline alter ego MC Skat Cat, was the street star of Paula Abdul’s 1989 video, Opposites Attract. Not to be confused with Scat Cat, the not-so-cool trumpet-playing star of Disney’s The Aristocats.


The Shoe Kitten

The gif-lovin’ tumblr home of cute kittens and awesome shoes gives us paws for thought.



The cutest and most spoiled sasscat ever. Karl’s muse and private jet fan, follow Choupette on twitter @choupettesdiary for an inspired insight into the purrrfect life.



The spirit animal of Sabrina the Teenage Witch spends most of his time plotting world domination whilst delivering catty one-liners with aplomb. Salem was turned into a cat for standing up Enchantra, the Head Witch, at the altar. Suspiciously camp for a cat that was (sort of ) planning to marry a sorceress.


The Sissy Maroon gang

Sissy dresses up her cats in wigs and scarves and posts the results on instagram. Not sure if this counts as a real hobby (but I’ve decided that writing about it definitely does).




Harley Viera Newton’s cat and the very literal muse behind her new accessories collection with Diane Von Furstenberg.



The leader of a Manhattan alley cat gang, 60’s animation-style. Makes the cut for being the cream of the ol’skool fancy felines. Rocks a mean signature waistcoat that even makes the trash look good.


Takako Iwasa’s Fashion Cats

Japanese Supermodel cats, Prin and Koutaro star in this extremely high-end fashion publication. Haute cature, apparently.


Grumpy cat

After finding fame on Reddit, Grumpy Cat became the most successful cat meme ever. Official merchandise line available now. Fashionable in the sense that he is everywhere. Owner of that FROW essential – an excellent bitchy resting face.


MIEOW indeed.


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