Style Bite // The modern nostalgia trend

In trend world right now, we’re looking back to go forward. Designers seemingly fatigued by a saturation of colour and futuristic digital print, have moved towards a more romantic, muted palette for AW13. Note gently washed out pinks from Simone Rocha and Richard Nicoll along with Jil Sander and Marc Jacobs elegant cinematic styling.

NEW1L-R Richard Nicoll and Jil Sander AW13 classic styling

Some observers have connected this modern nostalgia with the fashion world’s favourite social addiction, the ‘Instagram effect’ – the idea of placing an instant filter over a modern image for a new but retrospective feeling. Think Toaster’s sepia vibe or the vintage Polaroid style of Hudson.

On the other hand, it could well be a fashionable coincidence. Each season is a reaction to the last and looking to SS14 (Celine and Chanel for example) colour and vivid creativity again strive to dominate. Right now though, the tone is almost classic and knowingly wistful.

As we near Christmas, nostalgic styling feels intuitive and comforting. At home, ignore your minimalist 90’s white fairy lights and embrace traditional twinkling colour. Outside, wrap up in chic layers of grey topped with a film noir fedora, Alt-style.


Keep your phone at hand to capture your most romantic moments this winter. Oh and for modern nostalgia right now, don’t forget to put a filter on it.


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