Stylish sneakers you say? What a fackin’ Liberty!

If, like me you are one of those hyperactive sporty types you’ll be familiar with the battle I have finding stylish sportswear. Trainers are a particular problem because I don’t like the ones that look sporty as all I see in them is orienteering National Trust rambler. In this quest to marry style and sport I have amassed a huge array of Converse (which are so not good for running in) and an expensive ’80s and ’90s retro Nike hi-top addiction (which are not the daintiest when busting out the moves in a dance class). This dilemma of mine has recently been heightened thanks to my doctor who has banned me from wearing heels until my shin splints heal. Bastard, I had to shave my legs for that piece of advise.

While I was online ignoring the advise from the web sports clinic I came across the answer to my prayers: Nike have brought out a new 2011 collection of Liberty trainers. Their previous collections of trainers in fantastic Liberty prints have sold out super quickly so this time they have issued lots of different styles and prints. The first four styles launched today and they will be bringing out more throughout the month of April. I’m in the queue perving over the floral ones in the famous ditsy liberty’s Tatum print.

– Jude Brosnan

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