The Chimp Store spring/summer 2014 lookbook // All about ‘head’ wear, apparently

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OK, so we get they’re called The Chimp Store (in homage to Planet of the Apes) and that they sell streetwear so need to be a little bit hip and a little bit happenin’. But we don’t get why the female model needs to blow a banana in their spring/summer 2014 lookbook.

Call it the Terry Richardson effect, but we’re a bit over this whole sexual = edgy.  Nore often than not, when it’s so out of context, like this, it’s just plain fucking creepy. And it’s blatantly just because she’s female, too. For a brand that’s meant to be unisex, where are the fellating fellas? Or should they be perversely eating (out) a kebab? All in the name of fairness, you understand.

The Chimp Store 2The shame of it is, the merch is actually really fucking cool. With printed bucket hats, 5-panels and snapbacks from the likes of Stussy, Undefeated, The Quiet Life, HUF and Odd Future, we basically want to buy it all. Bananas aside.

But you can just imagine someone from the marketing team (no doubt male) going, ‘Ooh! HEAD gear! Let’s make the model give head to a banana because we’re The Chimp Store!’. Job done; everyone done the pub for a congratulatory pint, slapping the secreatry’s arse on the way out.

And don’t get me wrong. I like a bit of the sexy stuff – who doesn’t? I called this website Le Blow, for Chrissakes. But there’s a time and a place. And I don’t like it being used just for the sake of it. It’s too try-hard.

But then again, I’m the girl who can’t eat a hotdog in front of a fella without blushing beetroot red (and certainly no eye contact) so maybe I’m just being a prude? And, as these sorts of ads always do, it’s got us talking about it. What do YOU think?

(Oh, and if all that fruity business hasn’t put you off, you can shop the SS14 collection at

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