Things that made us go… WTF? // And Cheryl Cole tops the list AGAIN.

We didn’t think there’d be much mileage in this feature when we posted part one last week. But it seems as long as Cheryl Cole is Stateside, filming X Factor USA, there’ll be plenty of things to make us go WTF? Here’s this week’s highlights…

Cheryl Cole: Cannes you believe it?

We have a feeling Chezza is going to be a regular fixture of this feature. At the 64th Cannes film festival she decided to team her plunging white Stephane Rolland dress with a vast expanse of boobage topped off with an ‘interesting’ belt adorned with what can only really be described as ‘brassy bollocks’. Stay tuned to see what Cheryl wears next week – we can’t actually WAIT.

Croydon Kate goes back to her roots


Granted, she WAS filming a Rimmel commercial in her home town of Croydon, but in her red Helmut Lang dress (plus matching lippy and heels), hair in rollers, wonky glass of wine and sneaky ciggy in hand, we couldn’t help but do some Mossy maths…


Beyoncé’s new vid

Horses! Hair whipping! Sand writhing! Fire! Shouty lyrics! A trillion expensive costume changes! Fist pumps! Scissor kicks! Thigh slapping! Burning cars! Dance-offs! And, er, yellow eyebrows! It can only be the return of Beyoncé in her new Run the World (Girls) video. She’s so angry, she even does the ol’ one finger salute – oooh, ain’t she naughty?

Note: the Le Blow gals have made it their mission to mastering the dance moves for our next night out. Sure.

Russell Brand looks pants


Russell, Russell, Russell. You’re making it really difficult for us to continue fancying you. First, you got married (which was, admittedly, awkward). Now, gonad dangling purple pantaloons? Stoppit.

Jennifer Aniston blows a banana. Blimes!


Dirty bastards can perve over the trailer for her new film, Horrible Bosses, here. She plays a “sex starved dentist”. And we ALL know how bothersome THEY can be *rolls eyes*

Natalie Wall

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    Jesus, I’m so glad someone else thinks that the new Beyonce vid is cracked out. The song itself is absolute tosh, but the video is just the last nail in the coffin. The first time I watched it I made it to 0.51 before I had to stop. :/ When we have a female president, THEN you can shoot your mouth off about girls running the world. Stfu, B.

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      Ha ha! We knew it was going to be hard work when it opened with her prancing about on an ‘orse. But what’s with all the air punching? We had to listen to it with the sound turned down first time round. Reckon it’ll be a “grower”?…

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    i once new a sex starved dentist, funny

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