Olympia Le Tan book cover bag

Time to smarten up: Books as accessories // AKA the most stylish book club in town

It’s always been protocol to throw literary references round in fashion circles. This is mostly down to an overpriced education or the understandable desire to be perceived as ‘intellectually beyond handbags’.

Naming children after famous authors, calling fashion collections after ancient Greek goddess’ or lugging a doorstop-sized epic on a Starbucks run (sooo much better for your upper arms than a Kindle) is standard practise.

My-wardrobe.com’s started selling coffee table tomes next to its designer collection (hardbacks are a timeless accessory, don’t you know?) so get scattering them around your home or desk accordingly.

wuthering heights celia birtwell

And if you actually want to read something for your money, Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights cover has been reimagined by Celia Birtwell and classic title covers including Orwell’s 1984 and Ken Kesey’s One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest have been beautifully repackaged for a new consumer generation.

Authors to name check? We all know that F.Scott Fitzgerald is a favourite of the fashion gang. From Mossy’s The Beautiful and the Damned 30th birthday celebrations to this year’s Prada-led Gatsby explosion. Victoria Beckham may or may not have been influenced by To Kill a Mocking Bird author, Harper Lee. And Sylvia Plath has been played by Gwyneth who is also partial to a bit of Shakespeare.

Kate Moss The Beautiful and the Damned birthday paty

Even if you don’t have the time to get your teeth into War and Peace today, there comes a time when Fifty Shades of Grey and a rolled up copy of The Metro simply will not do.

Natalie Portman Olympia Le Tan book cover bag

Olympia Le Tan book cover bag

Olympia Le Tan book cover bag

Strategically placed epics aside, Olympia Le Tan’s cutesy book cover box bags will swiftly assure well-read onlookers you know your Tolstoy from your Twain.

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