Lori Petty as Tank Girl

We’re in the army now (woooaaahhh) // Camo jackets have taken over East London


Well, OK, something. Camouflage. It’s good for camo. And while that whole face-painted-as-leaves look never QUITE worked for me (although I have rocked a similar look stumbling out of Faces nightclub at 3am), grunge is BACK in fashion.

*Licks purple lipstick off teeth. Squints through round mirrored sunglasses*

And with grunge comes… camo.

Lori Petty as Tank Girl

Prompted by style blogger Kit Lee (AKA the @StyleSlicker)’s  observation this week that camo jackets appear to be taking over the streets of East London at an alarming rate, we present to you Le Blow’s Four Best Camo Buys – ATTTTENNNNNNN-SHHHHUN! (Sorry).

ASOS Marketplace has some phenomenal customised camo overshirts – studs and fringing galore; my personal fave is this hand customised reverse studded crucifix jacket, at an extremely reasonable £38.

ASOS Marketplace vintage grunge studded camo jacket

OK. We’re taking this back to the OLD SCHOOL with ACTUAL Army Surplus (this takes me back to my army-panted, bra-as-acceptable-outerwear ‘Tank Girl’ days. Yeah, that happened).

This eBay store sells camo overshirts (tried and tested. I have ordered five. And what?); just throw over a girly dress and layer up the necklaces for ultimate ’90s grunge or IF you’re feeling creative, Art Attack the hell out of it with studs/epaulets/patches/the lot.

At a fiver a pop, it’s not the end of the world if your glitter pen explodes all over the back before you get a chance to write ‘COURTNEY LOVES KURT 4EVA’.

Shellshock Camo Jacket by The Ragged Priest for TopshopCamo and spikes and denim OH MY. LOVING this Shellshock Camo Jacket by The Ragged Priest for Topshop, £70. Not for the faint-hearted, and edging more towards PUNK than GRUNGE so rip up those fishnets, dig out the DMs and STOMP.

Zara studded camo shirt

I am also loving this Zara camo shirt – more of a button-up than an overshirt; wear with leather trousers (easy) or skinny jeans and Converse for ultimate rock chick chic.

So go forth, join the Fashion Army and run/jump/climb trees/roll about (yes yes, this is what I think soldiers do). Welcome.

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