Double denim feels fresh for now

But take your style cue from 70s style icons and not B*witched.

If, like me, you were a teen in the 90s, the mere mention of double denim probably conjures up an image of Irish girl band B*Witched who were big fans of the ol’ Canadian Tuxedo. HUGE. Or, fast forward a few years to the 2001 American Music Awards and you have Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s unforgettable red carpet ensemble, which not only was –technically– more denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim than a mere double dosage, but was so, so vile it was absolutely fucking EPIC. Oh god, even thinking about it now gets me slightly hysterical. Hoo, boy.

double denim in the 90s b*witched, Justin and Britney

But what with fashion being a beautiful ever-revolving carousel, and with the aforementioned style… ‘moments’ taking place some twenty years ago (UGGHHHHH), double denim is feeling fresh once more.

Thanks in part to this spring/summer’s Western trend, plus the vintage 70s vibes that have been lurking for a while, I was recently inspired to pair my bargain-of-the-summer Levi’s trucker jacket (lined with shearling because it wasn’t as hot as the sun/blue sky/ palm tree thing in my photos would have you believe) with my skinny jeans.

Note: I still think it’s important to mix and match your denim washes when going for the double e.g. I went for a mid-blue up top and indigo on the bottom half. If you match your shades too closely, you’ll be rocking the dreaded denim tuxedo, but y’know… you do you.


Natalie Wall double denim| Trucker jacket, Levi’s | Red polo neck, thrifted | Indigo skinny jeans, Zara | Nike Cortez, ASOS | Aviator shades, a market somewhere in Greece |


Taking my jeanspiration from 70s style legends like George Harrison and Debbie Harry who doubled up their denim with ease, with styling tips from Farah Fawcett – hiyas pop of pillar-box red and Nike Cortez.70s double denim fashion inspiration

In fact, I love that splash of scarlet against the blue; feels super fresh for spring (wherever it may be). For now, I’m wearing my jeans with tights underneath, plus Starsky and Hutch-style chunky knitwear, thanks to that dastardly Beast from the East and his major wind problem. Meh. Come warmer climes, I’ll switch out my poppin’ polo neck for a 70s-inspired T-shirt, and I’ll expose my ankles to the world once more. BRING IT.

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