Non-football football scarves are a thing

Actual fantasy football, right here.

With a World Cup happening this summer, it’s no surprise to see football-inspired fashion making an appearance off the terraces, too. And while 1970s strips will always have a certain vintage cool about them, the way to score on the style-front, this season, is by draping a football scarf around yer neck. However, don’t worry about pledging allegiance to a side, these scarves are non-football football scarves, in clashing colours with v statement slogans.

Inspired by the cheapo, scratchy-as-fuck acrylic merch you can usually pick up for pounds on the walk to the ground, fashion’s elevated take is what you might call the premiership version – particularly in terms of price, and fabrication (hello cashmere and merino wool blends).

It started bubbling under the surface a few years back courtesy of Vetements – who else? – including a fake football scarf in its AW15 collection emblazoned with “Paris” and “football scarf” written in Russian. For AW17 the brand collaborated with Reebok for its latest version – the “free hugs” so-called hooligan scarf [main pic, top].

More recently, Alexa Chung debuted her own “ACFC” football scarf and both Henry Holland and Versace featured footie scarves in their autumn/winter 2018 shows. [see below for pics]

Vetements AW15
Vetements AW15
Versace AW18
Henry Holland AW18
Alexa Chung ACFC football scarf
Alexa Chung’s ACFC football scarf

I’m taking my styling tips from the original – Vetements [above] – and will wear in a more rock ‘n’ roll manner, or else risk looking like an actual hooligan if I opt for blue denim and Cortez. Instead, I like the idea of adding glam-rock style star boots, black jeans and leather, or layered with more girlie attire, like a pleated skirt and slouchy sweater. Perfect for the end of Big Coat season and for keeping warm in lighter layers, ya know?

The crucial thing (aside from spending a ridiculous amount on one), is that it mustn’t be an ACTUAL football scarf, oh no. Fer chrissakes, don’t pop down to the Emirates or Wembley or a tacky tourist shop in London and pick up a piece based on which strip’s colours take your fancy. Not unless you’re prepared to discuss the offside rule in depth and/or receive abuse if you’re in the wrong side of town on match-day.

Nope. Major own-goal vibes, pal.

Here’s a selection of my favourite fashion-y non-football football scarves, for £35 and under (because there’s no fucking way I’m paying £500 for a football scarf, EVER; even if it’s signed by mother freakin’ Messi):

non football football scarves are in fashion

| David Shrigley Really Good Football Scarf, £20, | Lazy Oaf Sorry I’m Late Football Scarf, £35, | TGF scarf, £20, |

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