comme des garcons nike cortez

The Nike Cortez reaches new heights

If the 70s and 90s had shoe babies...

I mean in theory, the latest creation from Nike X Comme des Garçons should be right up my street. They’ve taken my two most favourite decades and twisted them – the classic 70s shape of Nike’s Cortez style, amped up with a 90s-style stacked platform sole – making for one heck of a souped-up sneak.

If you’re already a fan of Stella McCartney’s star-studded Elyse sneaker, you’ll love this.
If you always thought baby was the best-dressed Spice Girl, you’ll love this.
If you’re vertically challenged and could do with a few more inches in height, you’ll love this.comme des garcons nike cortez

As for me? I’m still undecided, but tbh, it’s highly likely that these pimped-up strides were one-offs, created especially for the show, as they don’t seem to be available anywhere… YET.

However, the show itself was entitled ‘Comme des Garçons CAMP’, according to the accompanying explanatory email. Brand  Rei Kawakubo  explains that the collection was inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay ‘Notes on Camp‘:

“Susan Sontag wrote about a creative movement and sensibility, camp. I can really identify with this vision. Camp is not something horribly exaggerated, out of the ordinary, unserious or in bad taste. This collection came out of the feeling that, on the contrary, camp is really and truly something deep and new and represents a value we need. For example, there are many so called styles such as punk that have lost their original rebel spirit today. I think camp can express something deeper and can give birth to progress.”

As Sontag wrote in her essay, “Camp taste is, above all, a mode of enjoyment, not judgment. Camp is generous, it wants to enjoy. . . . Camp is a tender feeling.”

It’s all about expressive freedom and I am SO here for that.


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