Hifi Sean ft. Crystal Waters: Testify

You know here at Le Blow we love our 90s nostalgia because we can make out like we’re still in the prime of our ‘yoof’ again. So we were pleased to hear the dulcit tones of Crystal Waters gracing Indie legend and superstar DJ Hifi Sean’s latest track, Testify.

You remember Crystal Waters, right? Singing about that Gypsy Woman – open brackets ‘she’s homeless’ close brackets – with the main lyric being ‘la da dee la da da’ X 1 million?

[It came out in 1991, btw – no, YOU’RE old – and at the time was the highest-debuting single by a new act in the UK singles chart. Which was then beaten by Gabrielle’s Dreams, followed by Whigfield’s Saturday Night. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE]

Like Gypsy Woman, Testify is as catchy AF. With a repetitive chorus (“take me to your river!”) and nods to northern soul, ol’ Hifi’s giving us some serious vintage vibes that we can’t help tapping our toes to.

In fact, we haven’t had a listen yet but have heard v good things about his new electro album Ft. with collabs with the likes of Yoko Ono and David McAlmont – YASSS PLS.


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