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Betsy: Lost and Found

OK, so if Cher and Shakira have a lesbian love child who happens to guest vocal for Clean Bandit, it would surely sound a little something like this?

Yuh-huh, 24-year-old Welsh singer Betsy has just released her second single ‘Lost and Found’ and it is so, so good.

Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in at the moment, having been pretty ill and FINALLY feeling like I’m coming out on the other side but bloody hell, this song is atmospheric, anthemic and uplifting and just what I need in my life RN.

The soaring strings and pacy drums lend a big ol’ dose of 90s house to proceedings, like Massive Attack but on amphetamines not weed, lol.

Sooo, super intrigued and rapidly becoming in increasing awe of this Betsy character, I did a little digging around *cough* Googling *cough* and now I love her EVEN MORE thanks to her back-story, get this:

She grew up on a goose farm in Wales, studied fashion at London’s Central St Martin’s, moved to Paris to design for Balenciaga (sure) BUT! – and this is the clincher – decided the world of fash-wun wasn’t for her so moved back to Wales, staying in her brother’s “grotty caravan” so she could hone her singing and songwriting skills.


Btw, I think this is the actual caravan, and TBF she has a point; this bad boy could do with a jet-wash, but thankfully Betsy’s 80s bling and Anneka Rice jumpsuit (ASK YER MUM) help to distract from the limescale:

Betsy music caravan

Anyhoo, enough fan-girling for now, you can watch the video for ‘Lost and Found’ below – in which Betsy is reminiscent of 80s Madonna and 90s Gwen Stefani, all red lips, platinum blonde hair and double (that’s right, I said double) leopard print. Ugh, I’m crushing hard again and I’M NOT EVEN SORRY.

I *think* Betsy’s next London gig is at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 13th September and if so, you can betcha bloody bottom dollar (WTF?) I’ll be there – with bells double leopard print on.
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