Listen: Gorgon City – All Four Walls (ft. Vaults)

May 4, 2016

It’s been a while since I posted any new music reviews on here. In all honesty, I’d sort of decided to ditch music and focus on personal updates and lifestyle, but ya know what? Music is a personal part of my lifestyle, and I want this blog to be an interesting mix and true reflection of the things I’m into – if more for my own enjoyment than anything else. So yeah. I might start including some archive/older stuff as…

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Food and drink

A late lunch at Granger & Co., King’s Cross

April 29, 2016
Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

I’m one of those people that’s great at making dates for catch-up with friends but AWFUL at suggesting somewhere cool to go. Throw in other #firstworldproblems like picking a place where you don’t have to queue for 500 hours to get in, is easily accessible for errr’yone to travel to (I live on the outskirts of North West London and most of my pals are East – ugh, logistical ballache) with super Instagrammable interiors and I usually get overwhelmed and…

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Fashion Vintage

Cheap frills: Secondhand clothes and sustainable fashion

April 22, 2016
Natalie Wall frill shirt vintage fashion Le Blow

As with most of my blog posts, this one has been formulating in the back of my mind since, well, January actually. I KNOW. See, I was going to herald in the new year with a flashy announcement-style post, boldly declaring that I wouldn’t be buying any new clothing this year. Any further addition to my apparel would be vintage or secondhand (apart from shoes and underwear because obviously). The reason? Well, a cursory glance into my wardrobe, mainly. That…

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Breton tops are the BEST for transitional dressing

April 6, 2016
how to style breton stripe top petit bateau

Breton stripes for spring? Groundbreaking (to paraphrase Miranda Priestly). I mean, they’ve been kicking around for, like, EVA since those frisky French sailors started wearing them in the 1800s. I think my Breton stripes board was one of the first ones I created on Pinterest. But let’s face it, transitional dressing can be a right ol’ b*tch, can’t it? And there’s summin’ about a classic striped tee that screamsΒ sunnier climes, without giving you pneumonia in the process like, say, a…

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Time to spring clean my LIFE

April 5, 2016
spring clean your life

Image: Alisa Anton/Unsplash.com For many folk, January is the time where, fuelled by new year resolution planning, they make – or are at least motivated to start making – lifestyle changes. From fancy new fitness regimes, to detoxing diets, saying buh-bye to booze, or making career moves – we all know the drill. I never feel like that. Not in January, anyway. And in fact, I’m pretty anti new year’s resolutions, as you know (see this post). If anything, it’s…

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My signature scents (AKA I like to smell like the 60s)

April 1, 2016
How to choose a signature scent

I’m not sure if I’m putting on waaaay too much or I actually smell of cat piss, but randoms regularly stop me to ask me about the perfume I’ve got on. Y’know, at the bus stop, in the supermarket – that sorta thing. I’d like to think that, because people are so wowed at the whiff of my pong as I waft past, I’m therefore winning at adulting and have got my signature scent NAILED. So here’s a little list…

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Fashion Mindfulness

On carrying too much brain baggage

March 31, 2016
natalie wall le blow blog #myradley

Travel light in life. Take only what you need: a loving family, good friends, simple pleasures, someone to love, and someone to love you; something to eat, enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink for thirst is a dangerous thing. – Anonymous When I feel weighed down by the baggage of daily life, I need to somehow lighten my load, spiritually speaking. I’ve spoken about my love for the sea before, but unfortunately the closest I…

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