The Goonies sequel confirmed // Plus 4 other 80s film follow-ups we’d like to see

Goonies never say die. Literally. Because apparently they’re all going to be getting back together for one last big adventure, nearly 30 years after their original one. Sure, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin et al may not have aged so well,  but Martha Plimpton is still pretty kickass, and if we’re honest, we’re totally […]

Time to smarten up: Books as accessories // AKA the most stylish book club in town

It’s always been protocol to throw literary references round in fashion circles. This is mostly down to an overpriced education or the understandable desire to be perceived as ‘intellectually beyond handbags’. Naming children after famous authors, calling fashion collections after ancient Greek goddess’ or lugging a doorstop-sized epic on a Starbucks run (sooo much better […]

X Factor Live Shows // Week 4: Careful not to offend Barlow with your fag-ash breath, yeah?

Ah, Halloween-week X Factor. It’s WELL scary. Well, I mean, it’s scary that the damn Liverpudlian Ronseal Wanker is still there. (WHO IS VOTING FOR HIM, AND WHY? Are they all part of a weird nan-loving cult?) What’s also really scary about X Factor this week, is that I’m even still watching the live shows […]