Laura Pergolizzi’s got a new album out: Heart to Mouth

Laura Pergolizzi – better known as LP – has the looks and swagger of a true rock ‘n’ roll star. From the trademark skinny jeans, tight deep V tops revealing an epic sailor-style chest tattoo, to the beaten-up cuban heels, aviator shades and just-got-out-of-bed hair. So achingly androgynous, it hurts – looks like Bob Dylan, sounds like Gwen Stefani (or maybe Cyndi Lauper) – and some people seem overly concerned about whether she’s male or female (she’s a gay woman but who fucking cares?).

She first dropped onto my radar back in 2015, with her now infamous single Lost on You, which topped the charts in eight countries. Apparently it’s the seventh ‘Most Shazamed Song in the World’.

You might think you’ve never heard of her, but the truth is, you’ve probably listened to her stuff without even knowing – she’s written hit songs for Rihanna, Cher, Christina Aguilera and the Backstreet Boys, to name a few.

So LP’s got a lot to live up to with new album Heart to Mouth. Honestly? I haven’t listened to it yet, as I’m a little nervous. I’ve seen… “mixed” reviews. But, like I said at the start, not everyone ‘gets’ LP. She can’t be neatly filed as this or that. She’s intriguing. Ever-evolving. And some people don’t like that, do they?

Heart to Mouth is out now | See LP live in the UK next year – her tour starts at London’s Roundhouse on 17th May 2019 |

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