raspberry beret natalie wall le blow

Is it OK to wear a beret when UR thirtay?

She wore a raspberry beret. The kind you find in a second hand store (or off Amazon).

Apologies for the Ali-G-style title, but I couldn’t resist the (sort of) rhyming opportunity. Also, I’ve realised the general theme of many of my personal style posts is inadvertently going to be ‘is it OK to wear blah blah blah when you’re in your thirties?’ – and essentially the answer is YES YES YES, no matter the trend in question.

You can basically wear whatever the f*ck you want, whenever you want. Right?

raspberry beret natalie wall le blow

I never thought I’d feel like this, though. Wondering and worrying about whether my outfits are ‘age appropriate’ or not.

But f*ck that. At 36 [!!!] I’m actually technically now nearer to 40 [!!!!!!!!!] than 30 and have no inclination to wear head-to-toe beige and American Tan tights just yet, ta.

So anyway, berets. They’ve been bubbling under the fash-wan surface for a bit, and despite being a bona fide ‘hat person’ I’ve never experienced the jaunty angle of a beret atop my head.

Not wanting to pay more than, like, a fiver for my first foray into this particular trend, I got mine from Amazon – and my colour-of-choice was never NOT going to be raspberry, for goodness sake.

raspberry beret natalie wall le blow

raspberry beret natalie wall le blow

The cheeky chapeau made its maiden voyage this weekend, because the sun was shining and I of course got carried away, thinking spring had sprung – hence the bare feet + sling-backs combo, plus ALL of the bright colours, worn all at once.

If it was warm, I wouldn’t have worn much more…

Even though I felt less Cher Horowitz and more like a cross between Frank Spencer and a French mime artist [style tip: don’t pair your beret with a Breton stripe top. And a string of onions.], the barista in my local coffee shop complimented me on my head-gear and only one person started singing Prince as I walked past – so all in all, a successful debut, I’d say.

You can shop my one by clicking into the image below. Think I’ll be purchasing a camel-coloured one next. Shit; maybe I ~have~ got an OAP penchant for beige, after all…

raspberry beret
Raspberry beret
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