5 items on ASOS that our teenage selves would go bat shit crazy for

Note: this isn’t a sponsored post. This is just me having a peruse on ASOS.com and realising that I owned half of the stuff on there first time round, back in the 90s. Not only that, but there are a couple of bits that teenage me would have totally lost my shit over. Behold:

The Simpsons sweater

bart jumper

I was a HUGE Simpsons fan. Still am, I guess, despite NEVER living in a household with Sky TV (though I played Bart Vs The Space Mutants repeatedly on my Nintendo). Bart Simpson was a BIG DEAL in 1990. He even had a number one single (Do The Bart man) penned by Michael Jackson. So had this jumper been around 20 (Jesus!) years ago, it would have been MINE. If, y’know, my mum bought it for me.

Joyrich x The Simpsons Bart face jumper, £115, ASOS.com

The hippy necklace

asos yin yang necklace


These days, I’m all about keeping my yin in harmony with my yang by contorting myself into impossible positions on a yoga mat. Back in the 90s, however, I was all about anything with the yin yang symbol on it – we’re talking rings, necklaces and record bags (sure), pretty much ALL bought from Camden Market. They complemented my aciiiid face/dummy/tattoo necklaces and mood/evil eye rings REAL NICELY.

Yin yang choker necklace, £5, ASOS.com

Brand logo sweater

ellesse sweater

Good God, I LOVED a chavvy-looking bit of kit back in the day. Usually bought from the local market (hiyas, Wembley) and more fake than Katie Price’s tits, the more lary the logo, the better in my book. My favoured brands were Pepe, Naf Naf and Fruit of the Loom (more subtle for school, innit), and this Ellesse grey marl sweat would also have been approved by my teenage self.

Ellesse crew neck sweater, £40, ASOS.com

The sports bag

head bag


I basically had this ACTUAL bag. The same colourway, that is. But not for sports, duh. For school. It was probably bigger than me at the time.

Head Retro St Tropez Bag, £29.99, ASOS.com

The ‘Palladium’ platforms




From about 1992 onwards, all my visits to Dolcis at the end of the summer, to get next year’s school shoes with my mum, would involve an argument with her over inappropriate heel heights. But I always got my way in the end, leaving with a pair of fugly, clumpy shoes like the ones above. Palladiums were the Holy Grail, mind.

Pot Luck platforms, £30, ASOS.com

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