Nineties nostalgia // fashion inspiration from the likes of Drew Barrymore, Clarissa, Blossom and the two Gwynnies

Don’t know bout you, but I’m still totally digging 90s style. And apparently, shit phrases from the era too, as I find myself using ‘digging’ as an adjective.

So much so, in fact, that I’m compiling a 90s fashion shopping list, as inspired by some of the girls in my favourite films and TV proggies from the era itself…

Drew Barrymore, Poison Ivy (1992)

Drew Barrymore 90s fashion

Drew Barrymore Poison Ivy 90s fashion


Drew Barrymore 90s fashion denim jacket floral skirt

  • Round sunglasses (Drew’s are just perfect)
  • Battered leather biker jacket (to wear over EVERYTHING)
  • Oversized Yin-yang jumper (so 90s, non?)
  • Midi length printed shirt dress (not sure about the waistcoat, mind)
  • Slouchy white socks (to wear with stompy bovver boots)
  • Oversized denim jacket (am hunting down the perfect men’s Levi’s one)

Gwen Stefani, Don’t Speak (1996)

Gwen Stefani Don't Speak 90s fashion

  • Midi length printed tea dress (to wear with bright red lippy and no shoes, just like our Gwen)

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow in the 90s

  • Jersey maxi skirt + knotted shirt + leopard print coat + Converse low tops (who knew Gwynnie was so cool?)

Bridget Fonda, Singles (1992)

Matt Dillon Singles film 90s fashion

  • printed dress + biker jacket + jaunty hat + black opaques + DMs (+ Matt Dillon, thank you please)

Clarissa Explains It All (1991-94)

Clarissa Explains It All 90s fashion90s fashion Clarissa Explains It All

  • Fluro highlights (particularly loving the yellow socks)
  • Pucci prints
  • Ripped denim (just over the knee)
  • Top with lary graphic motif (see also The Fresh Prince of Bel Air for excellent loud T-shirt references)
  • Polka dots (spot on)

My So-Called Life (1994-95)

90s fashion My So Called Life
My So Called Life

  • Essentially, all of Rayanne’s outfits (including the hair scrunchie)

Blossom (1990-1995)
90s fashion Blossom

  • WTF? I don’t recall Blossom being *this* sexual?! (but I’ll be adding ‘studded EVERYTHING’ to my list, all the same)

Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell (1989-1993)
Kelly-saved-by-the-Bell 90s fashion

  • Floral print jeans in pastel shades (already have)
  • Canvas lace-up pumps (already have)
  • Candy coloured cropped tops (already have – but I just wanted to include her, OK?)

The Secret World of Alex Mac (1994-98)
The Secret World of Alex Mac 90s fashion

  • Beanie hat (see also this post for more slouchy headgear ideas)
  • Dungaree shorts (wear with one strap down for extra kudos))
  • Canvas plimsolls like Keds or Supergas (like these ones)

Reality Bites (1994)

Reality Bites 90s fashion

  • It’s all about the ditsy floral print dresses (long or short)

And what with the 90s being officially vintage now (yup, the early part of the decade, 1991-1992, can now be classed as vintage as a result of the 20-year gap), it’s time to trawl your local chazza shops for original gems. Or, if you can’t be arsed, hit up the following places for 90s-inspired garms:

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    90S FOR THE WIN!!! This is an amazing post! Are you guys on Pinterest? this would make an excellent board. Funny how at the time I wasn’t so into this look, but second time round I’m ALL OVER IT!

    • avatar

      I know exactly what you mean, Nina. Like I (rather lamely) said at the start, I’m totes digging the 90s right now. And funnily enough, we ARE on Pinterest, and that very board already exists: http://pinterest.com/leblow/the-90s/ so repin the shit out of it, please! 😉

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    90s nut

    Amazing post. Don’t think I fully appreciated at the time how amazing the 90s were – but am living the dream now. Totes need to get a few box sets and films on the go, based on all the above! x

    • avatar

      Hellz yeah. Maybe we’ll throw a Le Blow 90s film night / slumber party…

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