Audrey hepburn Galaxy chocolate bar ad

Funny faces // The Galaxy ad Audrey Hepburn alikes

You know we love a retro-themed ad here at Le Blow, no matter what products they’re pushing *cough* Stella Artois *cough* and Galaxy’s Audrey Hepburn ad which debuted on telly back in February is no exception:

It’s pinged back onto our radar as the Gregory-Peck-alike male star of the scene, Nick Hopper, releases behind-the-scenes pics from the making of the ad, and we get to see the gorgeous gals who stood in for Audrey.

With Jenny Ishammar and Lou-Helene Barbry’s gamine features and choppy fringes, the resemblance is quite uncanny – and the use of clever CGI technology brings a 1953 version of Audrey to life in 2013. SPOOKY.

Shot on the Amalfi Coast by Daniel Kleinman (famous for the James Bond title sequences), we’re weirdly fascinated by the two Audrey-alikes and kind of really, really want their (funny) faces.

Audrey Hepburn Galaxy chocolate advert -





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