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Natalie Wall

Trying to keep my yin in harmony with my yang. Compulsive over-sharer; partial to a French Fancy.

Social media sickness

When did social media become so anti-social? I’m sick of bots, pods and fake followers. Following then unfollowing. Fake-trolling for attention. I see you. I’m over Insta algorithms. Sick of scheduled tweets and Bloglovin’ links and IFTTT and anything automated. I’m sad that Twitter’s no longer a place for twittering and conversing but scheduling and […]

Kind of want Saint Laurent’s stiletto roller skates

There’s something delightfully retro and stylish about an old-school roller skate {fashion singular}. As a child of the 80s, roller-skating was seen as being slightly futuristic, and so featured in musicals like Starlight Express (pls bring that back, btw) or Olivia-Newton-John-on-wheels in Xanadu. My older brothers were in roller hockey teams (squads? Crews? What’s the technical […]

Holiday review: Daios Cove, Crete

So I recently had a blogging epiphany. Something bothering lately me is the sheer amount of sponsored travel posts I’m seeing on other blogs. I get that, as an influencer, why would you ~not~ want a fancy free holiday (and yassss, as an ex journo, I understand they’re usually manic af/working not holidaying etc etc), […]