Blow Out (and about) // Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee

Who: Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee

What (it says on the flyer): ‘Eclectica Fusion’ A night of live experimental, electronica, pop, trip hop, jazz, soul…

Where: Ginglik. 1 Shepherds Bush Green, W12.

When: Last Thursday 17th Feb.

I was forced to learn the recorder at school. When our teacher left the room we would stop playing ‘London’s Burning’ and play the theme tune to ‘The A Team’ through our noses. You know you’ve tried it. I was instantly reminded of this when I heard about Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee who has a unique way of combining playing the flute with beatboxing.

Headlining this night of live acts he wowed the crowed with some of his rifts that have been circulating on the internet gathering a mixture of followers as well as ending the night with samples of some new stuff he is working on.

He can be heard along side Beardyman and ‘Asian Dub Foundation’ Check him out, he has to be heard to be believed.

This would be the perfect answer if you are a classical music loving nerdy type who wants to impress someone who is into bad ass beats and vice versa.

Ginglik is situated in the underground ex Victorian toilets slap bang in the middle of Shepherds Bush Green. There may as well be a big sign saying “Don’t bother going more West than here”. It hosts acoustic nights, resident DJ nights as well as the famous fortnightly Tuesday “Laugh @ Ginglik’ which boasts previous acts such as Robin Williams, Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr and Michael Mcintyre to name drop a few.

For the record I’d like to state that Nathan does not play the flute out of his nose.
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