BREAKING NEWS: Lady Gaga’s ‘You & I’ video is, like, weird.

It’s a given that any video release from Lady Gaga is going to elicit more hype than the Harry Potter kids snorting lines of coke off a stripper’s arse. ‘Telephone’ for example, has become so revered as part of the pop cultural zeitgeist, anyone would think she’d made the next fucking Godfather movie (she didn’t. Calm down). Anyway, after some lacklustre releases in ‘Edge of Glory’ and ‘Judas’, Gaga didn’t shy away from hyping her own shit as usual, causing (an albeit small and mostly disregarded) commotion on Twitter with ‘teaser’ pictures and tweets (GET ON WITH IT). So here we are Gaga, as requested – screaming, giggling and pulling Spiderman moves up the ceiling.

In a nutshell: Lady Gaga is a mermaid. Lady Gaga shtups a hot model man in a bathtub. Lady Gaga shtups herself on a piano. Lady Gaga runs through a field. Lady Gaga is part of confusing but possibly Frankenstein related experiment. Lady Gaga does one of those not-so-well-choreagraphed dance routines dressed in bondage gear. And THAT is the video for ‘You & I’. As a side note, is it just me or does anyone else fancy the Dior Homme pants off of Gaga’s male alter, Jo Calderone? What a totes babe.

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