Savage Salads, Soho

Feast for a fiver // Savage Salads, Soho

Never thought I’d see the day where I’d be queueing for salad (SALAD?!), but THAT’S how good Savage Salads are. And judging by the fact there’s always a line for their stall snaking half way down Berwick Street Market, it seems the good folk of Soho are inclined to agree.

Savage Salads, Soho

Basically, you can choose from either a chicken and/or halloumi salad (and I’ve seen burly men ask for extra chicken, which is a couple of quid extra) that comes freshly cooked, in a little take-out box, with pitta bread, all in for a fiver.

But it’s not just any salad, hellz no. First of all, the chicken. You smell it before you see it. Marinated in garlic and thyme and BLOODY DELICIOUS. Then there’s the halloumi, which already wins, just for being cheese, in my book. That also has some herby business about it. Maybe it’s cooked in crack, which is why it’s all so darn ADDICTIVE?

savage salads soho

Finally, we have the salad. And I’m not one to normally get excited about a couple of limp lettuce leaves. But these salads are the savage sort, after all. Four big bowls of badass healthfoods, all different colours and textures, from beetroot through to bulgur wheat and other seasonal stuff so nutritious I can’t even identify it. But the best bit? Unlike a lot of ‘good-for-you’ food, it actually tastes DELICIOUS. And due to the generously-sized portions (the weightiest sald box I ever did hold), you’re not hungry at your desk an hour later.

Savage Salads, SohoPhoto: Instagram/catsarsfield

And the brains behind this salad-based wizardry? Italian chef Davide and Swedish food enthusiast and former restaurant manager Kristina, who run the stall themselves to create the freshest and healthiest gourmet food made with a twist, always served with a smile.

The best, healthiest, feast for a fiver in town, by far.

Berwick Street market Tuesday through to Friday lunchtimes, but follow them on Twitter for the latest updates: @Savagesalads

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