Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

A late lunch at Granger & Co., King’s Cross

I’m one of those people that’s great at making dates for catch-up with friends but AWFUL at suggesting somewhere cool to go.

Throw in other #firstworldproblems like picking a place where you don’t have to queue for 500 hours to get in, is easily accessible for errr’yone to travel to (I live on the outskirts of North West London and most of my pals are East – ugh, logistical ballache) with super Instagrammable interiors and I usually get overwhelmed and cancel, lol.

So if you can relate to any of the above, you need to make a note of this little gem: Granger & Co. in King’s Cross.

Now, I’ve never been to the mega popular one in Notting Hill (there’s a great little review of it over on citizenMag) but have heard only good things – especially about the pancakes – so was keen to visit this, the newest London branch (well, it opened last summer tbf), just by King’s Cross station.

It might not sound like the most glam of locations but think about it: EVERYONE can get to King’s Cross easily enough, plus it’s a bit of a well-kept secret, so not such a mission to get reservations like the other two branches.

Plus, the area is undergoing a birrova transformation of late, with nearby Granary Square, you’ve got other interesting eateries Caravan and Dishoom on the doorstep.

But back to Granger & Co., eh?

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

The restaurant itself is literally dashing distance from the station which was handy, as on the day I was meeting Amber (who took the amazing photos in this post btw) for a meeting over late lunch it was legit hardcore tipping it down. Hiyas April showers, you so fun.

Though I bet if London ever gets some sunshine (pfffft), sitting at the tables on the piazza outside would be dreamy and almost like you’re in Madrid eating tapas. Almost.

The miserable weather didn’t dampen our appetites though, and it was bright and airy inside the L-shaped building, thanks to the Pinterest-worthy high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling-windows. The space – so much space! – made for a very ambient arrival; there’s an air of calm as you walk in, despite the excited buzz of the other diners.

Appaz the decor is inspired by iconic railway station bars and restaurants and the post-war Italian bars of Melbourne. I’m not so sure about that, but  all I know is the pink bar stools and white marble tables are oh-so Instagrammable.

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography 9

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

You know I like me a green juice so I ordered ‘Bill’s greens’ (cold-pressed green apple, cucumber, ginger, silver beet, chia and coconut water) while Amber got her caffeine-fix with a cute lil’ latte <3

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

We went a little cray-cray with our food order because omg so many avocado-based dishes to choose from but in the end I plumped (LOL at ‘plumped’) for the ‘Fresh Aussie’ AKA smoked salmon, poached eggs, greens, avocado and  cherry tomatoes *cue cutting into egg porn below*

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

Yup, I can confirm it tasted as good as it looks.

Amber ordered sweet corn fritters with bacon, roast tomato and spinach. Not gonna lie, I got mild food envy.

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

We ordered a side (well, OK, it was actually a ‘big plate’, oopsie) of courgette fritters with delicious fried halloumi and shredded kale salad. Although TBH I ate most of it (soz ’bout it, Amber).

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

Now normally, I’m all about those savoury dishes as I don’t have that much of a sweet tooth. But we ordered ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter, asked for it to come after the savoury dishes like a little brunch dessert, and hubba-hubba were they a taste sensation! *insert heart-eyed emojis*

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

I will make a return visit to have those beauts again, that’s fo sho.

Then, because I hadn’t ordered enough, I got some fresh mint tea to wash it all down cos’ I so fancy.

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

On my way out I spotted that they also serve take-out coffee, smoothies and cold pressed juices, along with tasty AF looking gluten free cakes.

Granger&Co - Amber-Rose Photography

So yeah. You should try this place next time you need to have hangs in a super-duper central London location. And if nothing else, HAVE THE GODDAMN HOTCAKES.

Granger & Co., King’s Cross, 7 St Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG;

*** This isn’t a sponsored post so opinion mine all mine, but my meal was paid for in association with citizenM whose London Bankside hotel is just round the corner if you’re doing an overnighter! ***

All photos: Amber-Rose Photography.

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