Emily Fruit Crisps

Emily Fruit Crisps: Healthy snacks that don’t taste (or look like) sh*t

Emily Fruit Crisps

Say hello to my newest healthy snack addiction – Emily Fruit Crisps. Stylish-looking snacks with all the goodness of fruit, plus the awesome crunch of a crisp. WIN, WIN.

In fact, London-based founders Alessandro Ascani and Emily Wong have managed to turn the satisfying crunch sensation into an altogether more healthy experience with their super-fine apple, banana, and pineapple slices, which are produced using a process called ‘vacuum frying’ (no hoovers involved).

This makes for a stupidly healthy snack, containing no preservatives, additives, added sugars, E numbers or gluten. They’re low in fat and contain just 124 calories per bag. YET THEY TASTE REALLY NICE AND NOT AT ALL LIKE CARDBOARD.

Note: These crisps are different to the weird dried fruit you get in health stores/Lidl; the vacuum frying process means they’re almost kettle chip-like in consistency and taste really fruity (duh) and sweet. Plus, you get a LOT in each pack.

Emily Fruit Crisps banana

Emily and Alex discovered fruit crisps on their travels in the Far East, where these sort of products are super popular. And I’m basically the personification of their target audience: Female (last time I checked, etc), partial to eating bad things but desperately trying to become healthier, with an eye for beautiful design – and their packaging really reflects that.

The brand launched in Selfridges at the beginning of July as part of the Meet the Makers initiative, and, unsurprisingly, became the fastest selling new product launched under that banner.

They’re now available in Selfridges (London – Manchester – Birmingham) and selected London delis, as well as online at emilyfruitcrisps.co.uk.
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