Rosewood London Slow Food & Living Market

Rosewood London’s Slow Food & Living Market

London isn’t the most likely of places to stumble across a farmer’s market (well, except for the Waitrose carpark in Marylebone, natch) but thanks to Rosewood London, you can now find the capital’s finest local producers selling their wares at the new Slow Food & Living market.

Held every Sunday in the hotel’s delightful Edwardian cobbled courtyard, Rosewood London has recreated traditional marketplace vibes so you, the urban consumer, can flit between the canvas covered wooden carts and shop delicious Slow (that’s sustainable, local, organic and wholesome) stuffs straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Or the cow’s udder. Or the baker’s oven. Basically, you’ll be connected with the rural farmer’s and artisans who make the food – and they’re all London-based.

Rosewood London Market Rosewood London Slow Food & Living Market The TOMATO STALL

Rosewood London Market

From free range, pasture-raised meat, through to fresh, wild fish (caught responsibly from British coasts), through to eggs and dairy free of GMOs, hormones and antibiotics, every piece of fruit and jar of honey can be traced back to its point of origin.

There’s a a cheese maker from Tottenham,  Mead from a Peckham-based brewery, tiny tomatoes from the Isle of Wight and honey made on the rooftops of London. They all have a story to tell about their products – and loves – and by shopping this way you’ll get to hear them first-hand.

Rosewood London Mirror Room restaurant

And that’s not all. Rosewood’s newly appointed Executive Chef, Amandine Chaignot, has curated a special Sunday brunch in the hotel’s impressive Mirror Room restaurant (pictured above) incorporating the market’s delicious fresh ingredients.

Slow Food is about more than food. It’s about living the good life. About reconnecting. It isn’t cheap, but even if you only pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread, you’ll find yourself thinking about your food in a different way than you do as you scan your shrink-wrapped pre-sliced loaf at the self service checkout in Tesco. And you can’t put a price on that.

The Slow Food & Living Market takes place from 10am to 3pm every Sunday, at Rosewood London, 252 High Holborn, London WC1.


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