Dear Le Blow // Style SOS: how to accessorise a dotty dress?

Dear Le Blow Ladies,

I’m not even sure how to spell ‘accessorising’ and I sure as hell can’t do it. My problem in particular is a ’50s blue and white polka dot halter neck swirly skirt dress thing that I want to wear for a wedding… but the idea of blue (or God help me ,white?!) shoes is sending me slightly dotty, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Can you do the hard work and tell me what shoes/bag/turban will make me look like a goddess and not a caricature?


In-a-spot-of-bother x

We LOVE a style SOS at Le Blow. Mind you, it’s mostly us making them:
Mayday! Mayday! Gal overboard: malfunctioning bra and urgent pedicure required!
Still, we’re honoured you think of us as clothes connoisseurs – must’ve had sommat to do with this particular polka dot post, we reckon.

First of all, don’t worry, you will NOT look like Minnie Mouse.

Secondly, without seeing the actual dress, we’re having to do a bit of guess work. I’m imagining it looks a lot like this:


With such a statementy style you should definitely have a fling with the ’50s and tap into the whole pin-up girl thing – but remember there’s a fine line ‘tween dressed to kill and… just fancy dress. So pick and choose your elements carefully.

The simplest suggestion for accessorising – and full fashion points for getting it ‘spot’ (heh) on – would certainly be white bag plus heels to pick out the colour of the polka. And wait! White shoes needn’t mean Essex girl; embrace the retro vibe and go for sling back kitten heels and a cute clutch.

But if that feels far too coordinated then opt for off-white – for example, a nearly there nude colour as per this delightful duo:

ASOS REVIVE Handbeaded Snap Frame Clutch Bag, £65
ASOS SCARLET Slingback Patent Point Kitten Heels, £30

Note: yup, they’re both ASOS items. I work there. I know the stock inside out. And what?

For a more modern, alternative twist to avoid feeling like an extra from an early Elvis movie, you could scrap the whole matchy matchy approach and introduce a brand new hue to tap into this season’s colour popping trend. Pillar box red might make you feel proper patriotic – just like the Union Flag – but would defo look deliciously decadent with a slash of ruby lippy and a cheeky hair corsage. You can have some fun with this and clash your polka prints if you dare:
red-shoes-and-bagDolce Vita Jollen Espradrille Platform Wedge Sandal, £95
Love Moschino Red & White Polka Dot Bag with Crystal Closure Bag, £127

Or a pop of bright pink would rev this look up a gazillion notches – how about this shoe/bag combo?
Bourne Eva Shoes £50, ASOS Outlet
ASOS Grosgrain Boxy Handheld Bag, £30

As for headgear, I don’t think a turban quite cuts the fashion mustard here – it’d work much better with a ’70s style ensemble – a flowing maxi dress or palazzo pants – as if you were Bianca Jagger en route to Studio 54. This flirty ’50s frock needs an accompanying retro nod, like a jaunty little pillbox hat surrounded by a cloud of lace. Or the afore-mentioned corsage atop a side-swept do.

Other finishing touches? If you do decide to wear a hat, then keep jewellery to a minimum – no earrings or necklace required. In fact, there’s probably no need for a necklace at all, as the halterneck means there’s quite enough action occurring in that area, ta very much.

Another consideration is a cover-up for chillsome weather. A cashmere cardi in the same colour as your bag ‘n’ shoes would work wonders, as would a little jacket with a nipped in waist an bracelet sleeves.

So. That’s our Trinny and Susannah moment over for the time being – and not a boob-grab or patronising, sneery overtone to be had! We hope we’ve been of some help to our reader-in-a-spot-of-bother – be sure to let us know in the comments below, yeah?

In need of some style advice delivered in the to-the-point Le Blow manner (no fluff; no bull-shit)? Contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you. And won’t take the piss. Much.

Natalie Wall

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