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Faking it // Subverted slogans and fake designer label memes

As we may have mentioned 879,436 times over the last 6 months, street wear is here, and it’s here to stay (stay now).

But within street wear many micro-trends are springing up. Thanks to slebs like Rita Ora and Rihanna pioneering the skate/sportswear trend (by rocking American baseball shirts/jackets and the over-sized sports beanie) and the 90s revival  bringing back the likes of Adidas Gazelles, Reebok Classics and the Le Blow go-to party footwear of choice –  the Nike Air Max (no – not kidding, if I can’t wear my Air Max OUT, I’m not going IN).

We’ve had fast food fashions, and CAT FASHIONS (thanks to the likes of Odd Future’s OFWGKTA range of Laser Cats and Topshop’s galaxy cat – THANK YOU TOPSHOP, THANK.YOU).

But the newest incarnation is an excellent postmodern two-fingers up to the designer brands that have dictated high street trends for so long.

It’s no surprise then, with the rise of street style blogs, independent boutiques and fashion labels and the global power of the selfie, the garms us mere mortals wear going about our day-to-day lives is becoming more influential to fashion trends than the catwalks themselves. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

And so emerges, then, the ultimate STREET trend: Tongue-in cheek, fake designer wear.

Fakes so fake and so blatant they are being worn by supermodels and rap stars, i.e. people who can afford the real deal but are CHOOSING to wear the fakies (it’s IRONIC innit, blad) and sold on the high street. Well, for around 6-12 months until the law suits get slapped on ’em.

So, get ’em while they’re hot – erm literally *runs from fuzz*

A$AP Rocky may well have been the face that kicked this off last year by wearing his Comme des Fuckdown beanie with PRIDE. This then quickly launched a range of T-shirts and sweats sporting the same big and brash logo.

A$AP Rocky Comme des FuckDown hat asap-rocky-interview-magazine

In a tongue in cheek (or maybe full-on raspberry) jab at a well known French fashion house, the Brian Lichtenberg Homies label has blown up thanks to the likes of Nicola offa Girls Aloud and premium beanie-wearer/model de jour Cara Delevingne. Because Hermes is for your mum. Homies is for the streets. BRUV.

Nicola Girls Aloud Homies top

Cara Delevingne Homies beanie hat

Street fashion doesn’t have to wait 6 months for a group of creative directors and fashwan rahs to sign off on a campaign and spend eighty bazillion dollars *Doctor Evil face* deciding if it’s ‘sending the RIGHT message to the RIGHT consumer’.

Street fashion says what it sees. Which is why, only weeks after Hedi Slimane announced the controversial decision to drop the Y from YSL (and also following the the big man’s passing) printed sweatshirts with the phrase Aint Laurent without Yves, appeared almost immediately.

GREAT example of the wit and sassiness of independent creative forces, no focus group needed here.

Aint Laurent Without Yves sweatshirt

Actual bonafide skate brand Palace are possibly the originator of the fakey.
**DISCLAIMER**I’m not pretending to know anything about actual skate brands/skate wear. I’m aware of influence behind my wardrobe decisions, sure. But I’m from Essex. My street wear history knowledge extends to Kappa tracksuits and Reebok Classics. And one day I WILL bring back the Giorgio Armani sweat. BELIEVE. BUT I know what I like. And any brand that can slap their name on both a Versace Medusa AND a red stripe logo gets 10 Fonzie cool points from me.

Rihanna Palace T-shirt

Palace Chanel logo T-shirtAnd while we’re talking about true street brands – this remind anyone of a certain designer perfume brand? Bravo Stussy, bravo.

Stussy No 4 T-shirt

In the words of Vanessa Williams (sort of) I’ve only gone and saved the best for last (only I could quote Vanessa Williams in an article commenting on the postmodernism of street wear plagiarism of designer branding. You’re welcome).

The below sweater is possibly the best thing I’VE EVER SEEN. Ironic commentary? The streets taking ownership of glossy designer brands for deeming themselves good enough for only the elite of the elite? Or just fucking funny?

Reason Celine Dion logo

Fashion’s a democracy, it’s up to you. Wear it cos you’re fighting the cause or wear it cos Rihanna is. Just wear it. (Or don’t. Whatever).

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