Levis x Liberty

Levi’s X Liberty // We love your babies

Sometimes people are made for each other. When they finally shack up everyone is all: ‘Why the heck did they not get together sooner, eh?’

Levis x Liberty

A perfect example of one of these couples is Liberty x Levi’s. Just imagine their wedding. Bet it would be full of bunting, jam jars and gorgeous people Instagramming the hell out of the beautiful day.

Like a true friend we always love whoever Liberty pairs up with and each time we do the whole ‘This one is sooo much better than the last one’ and no doubt we’ll be when she does the seasonal rebound with Nike.

But right now we are going to enjoy having this couple around flaunting their new love in our faces. The mixture of Levi’s cut denim American and ditzy British floral has produced some truly attractive offspring. Our favourite of their children is the bustier top. HOT.

Floral Carlin Print Bustier Top £90

Levi's X Liberty BustierFloral Carlin Print Patch 646 Jean Shorts £75

Levi's X Liberty Denim ShortsFloral Carlin Print Hooded Anorak £210

Levi's X Liberty Anorak


Floral Carlin Print Mini Duffle Bag £80

Levi's X Liberty Mini Duffle BagCheck out the Levi’s X Liberty collab onliiiiiiine.

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