Monochrome Rankin Westfield

Fashion on film // Rankin collaborates with Westfield

Shopping spaceship centre giants Westfield has launched four clickable fashion music videos produced and directed by photographer and filmmaker LEDGE Rankin.

The music vids showcase four key SS13 trends and feature nifty Hotspotting technology overlaying each film so you can click ’em like they’re hot and find out all sorts of shizzle – as well as shopping the looks straight off the screen. WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC?!!!

Syncing up all the films is one track, I Like the Way, penned espesh for the videos but remixed in four different music styles for each vid: Monochrome (starring Portia Freeman) is all raaaaaawk ‘n’ roll guitars and that; Brights (starring Tali Lennox) is all electro beeps; Metallic & Pastels (stars Frida Munting *chortle!* doesn’t ‘munting‘ mean something well naughty?!) goes all dirty dubstep and Prints & Floral (with Natalia Khutkubia) is a bit more artsy-fartsy folk(sy).

All hail Sir Rankin:

It was a natural fit to show fashion through a music lens. We created one music track but in four different genres and with four different models, each representing the four new season trends.  It was important that these music videos had authenticity; so we cast the models through singing auditions and actually recorded the tracks with the four stars.

Monochrome Rankin Westfield

Our fave – and featured – vid is Brit model Portia’s mono-tastic version. The track and styling is all a little bit 80s Blondie slash 60s Andy Warhol pop art slash Marc Jacobs nowness, and we genuinely want all the threads featured. *clickety click*

Watch all four films if ya wanna at:


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