What’s big in our box // Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege (vid ft. Lily Cole)

As if slapping a gospel choir on to their thumping comeback Sacrilege wasn’t enough, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have abandoned all sense of subtlety like the word got cut from the dictionary by recruiting Lily Cole for their compelling/sexy/scary visuals.

If you’ve ever been chased down by an angry mob after working your amorous charms on everyone in a ten mile vicinity then you’ll know how poor Lils feels. It’s old-fashioned fire and brimstone for the lothari-ess after she’s had her way with the vicar, mechanic and some dude’s wife (jus’ for starters).

But hey throng of angry lovers, can she help it if the Lynx effect is actually a legit thing? Don’t let the haters getchu down beb, we gotchu…

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