Four things that made us go… WTF?

An occasional series, based on odd goings-on in the world of sleb and fashion. These are the sorts of things we discuss at work, or bizarre products we receive press releases on. If this feature had a theme tune, it’d pretty much be this – things that make you go WTF! Things that make you go W… T…. F!

Cheryl Cole’s BIG American barnet

Oh dear. Cheryl Cole arrives at the Galen Centre in Los Angeles for the X Factor USA auditions having apparently pissed off her stylist en route

All Star thong sandals


There are no words to describe the hideousness of these. However, if you’d like to purchase them, click here. And don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

Pixie Geldof’s Buffalo boots…


Ironically, this was the outfit Pixie opted for to attend New Look’s ‘Style The Nation‘ party. Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny! Remind you of anyone? *ahem*…

Pixie Geldof

Oh and Pixie? The ’90s called: they want their footwear back, yeah?

Cher Lloyd’s shit extensions


Someone obviously didn’t read our guide on how to make hair extensions look good, eh? Still with Chezza as her mentor, what else did we expect…

Natalie Wall

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    Cheryl Cole style – Is there a nail parlour somewhere in the UK missing a Trainee Nail Technician at the moment?

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