Gareth Pugh S/S’12 // Would they wear it in Wigan?

When I saw Gareth Pugh’s S/S’12 show, I thought of one thing. Stormtroopers.


Now, I often have a little think about Stormtroopers, but this time I wasn’t daydreaming at my desk, oh no sir. This was Paris Fashion Week. And this is one helluva sexy Stormtrooper:


We’ve even got ourselves a diva-ish Darth in what I’m terming ‘Style Wars’:


Now, this feature is all about the practicalities of a particular catwalk collection, as channelled through the filter of: would they wear it in Wigan? And in this case, in all honesty, the answer on the surface of things would be a resounding, ‘Luke I am your father’ ‘NO’.

I mean, for starters, the weekly shop would be a nightmare – how would you be able to reach for the frozen peas in such a cage-like construction? And minding the gap on the tube would be nigh on impossible. Mind you, the wipe-clean nature of the fabrication means you’d save muchas moolah on the dry-cleaning bills.

Part of me secretly wanted a model to take a tumble, just to see how on earth she’d pick herself back up again in such stiffly structured garms – or would she flail around wildly like an upturned woodlouse?

But this, after all, is a fashion show. And that’s precisely what Pugh delivered. A show. A spectacle! Accompanying sensory treats were provided by his long term dream team – Matthew Stone (dark, pulsating soundtrack) and Ruth Hogben (the video at the start of the show).

And when you pick it all apart (at the seams…), you’re left with some (surprisingly) very wearable pieces in monochrome and stripes.


So, the Dark Prince of fashion has done good. Would they wear it in Wigan? I shouldn’t think so. Do we care? Nuh-uh. Gareth Pugh is a genius. If you’ve got a spare ten minutes, watch the short film he made at the start of the year with Ruth and Matthew (to showcase his collection for his Italian fashion debut at Pitti Immagine #79) and you’ll see the fashion force is VERY strong with this one…

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