Henry Holland is a knit-wit…

This week I have been mostly buying impromptu crochet Henry Holland dresses. Sure.

Ever since I spied this Swarovski crystal encrusted House of Holland crochet dress (so many words in that sentence that makes my fashion organs TINGLE) at LFW for A/W’11, I knew that one day *Wayne’s World montage* one day, it would be mine.

But I was soon distracted by something else shiny, and so forgot about it (fickle, moi?). Then, three months later, lo-and-behold those GOD DAMN GENIUSES at Urban Outfitters only went and sent an email straight from Heaven (where I imagine Henry Holland sits on a glorious throne of ‘80s graffiti and his quiff is made entirely of Swarovski crystals) straight into my inbox. And thus into my life. A much more wearable little number (sans crystals) and a STEAL at just £100. Bravo UO, bravo.

I shall mostly be wearing with clunky heels like this:

clunky-heelsPlus granny socks, and a LOAD of gold jangly necklaces that the cat will thoroughly enjoy using as a rope swing – Urban have also hit the JACKPOT here, with this heart peace sign necklace and this embellished cross.

Oooh, and maybe a floppy hat. Boho me RIGHT up.

Genius. I don’t care if I do not eat anything else this month and drink only Special Brew. For I shall be skipping around in a crocheted dress and so everything in my life is perfect. OMG is that a dalmatian swing coat in the window of Topshop? *drops crochet dress and runs to window*

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