Internet sensation Lana Del Rey // Yay, nay or just okay?

Lana Del Rey, Lana Del Rey. Sounds a bit like a holiday resort in the Costa del Sol, doesn’t it? Ever since her track Video Games was used at Chris Kane’s S/S’12 catwalk show, Lana Del Rey has been more talked about than the Kardashians. Well, nearly.

The, er, video for Video Games has already had around eleventy billion views on You Tube and it’s not even released here in Blighty until October 16th. If you haven’t seen it yet, chekkit here – but be warned, it’s not the bleepy electro pop sound the title might lead you to expect.


She made the video herself, splicing random bits of footage (like Paz de la Huerta falling over – LULZ) with web cam shots of her looking pissed off to give it a retro home movie feel – and if you liked it, have a gander at Blue Jeans, the other single on the double release.

Her melancholy, wistful and nostalgic sound might seem unexpected (she herself calls it ‘Hollywood pop / sad core’) – but then that’s what 24 year old New Yorker Del Rey is alllll about. For starters, she’s actually called Lizzy Grant. Uh-huh. She had a stab at this songwriting malarkey back in 2009 but it all went a bit tits up so she reinvented herself as a (supremely stylised, it has to be said) retro siren.

Lana Del Rey single
However, in the X Factor stylee, there are a few discrepancies to her back story. She claims to have been brought up on a trailer park – but her dad is actually a billionaire – y’know, that sort of thing. And we can’t help wondering if that top lip hasn’t been enhanced with a smidgen of collagen. But you know what? We’re not sure we care! Put simply, the girl is Hottity McHot and we love her modern day Nancy Sinattra-ness (yes, that’s a word) with a look she describes as ‘Lolita gets lost in the hood’.

We also love the fact, that engineered or not, Del Rey has marketed herself an absolute treat – and that surely has to be applauded. Or at least awarded with an agency job if it all goes down the dumper a second time round…

Lana Del Rey double A side single Video Games / Blue Jeans out October 17th
Pre-order from iTunes here

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    Well, for starters I’m a total sucker for retro-looking femme fatales and this chick surely gets a medal for that.

    Her posh-valley girl voice is sexy enough to melt your balls.

    Kudos for the re-invetion and I just contributed with my two cents and bought her single. Well, more like $2.99

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      We thought we’d replied to this comment, but clearly not. Maybe we dreamt it. Oooh, purchasing her single is quite the committment, Rob. And we don’t blame you. WE TOTALLY WOULD. You know. THAT.

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