Must-dash out and buys for Movember // Girls can get in on the act, too

Jude, you must be the first person to ever spend their lunch break making moustache head pieces

Said one of my colleagues last year as I cut paisley shapes out of fabric.
I was going to the 2010 Movember Gala. The boy to girl ratio was something ridiculous like 1000:80.
I arrived with a bunch of girlfriends, wearing the aforementioned moustache fascinators and gemmed moustaches (moustazzles?). There was so much testosterone in the room I was scared we were going to get pregnant just breathing. No queue in the ladies, mind.

Here are some tantalising tashtastic buys in case you’re feeling left out:

Crown and Glory “Tashinator ” Movember Glitter Moustache Fascinator, £10

(25% of sales will go to Movember)

Tatty Devine, Tortoiseshell Moustache Necklace, £24

Check out their full moustache range. 50p from each piece sold will be donated to Movember.

ASOS Sequin Moustache Vest, £20

Lazy Oaf Beard Scarf, £20

Heal’s Fingerstaches, £6

And just in case…

Jolen cream bleach, £4.49


Find out more about the Movember campaign here:

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