Julia Roberts polka dot dress Pretty Woman polo scene

On a fashion mission // Top of the dots AKA finding the perfect pair of polka dot jeans

There’s nothing I love more in life than a reward purchase. I have “rewarded” myself on every new job I have got to “mark” the occasion.

Sometimes it’s been as small as a Chanel nail polish – although it has got as big as the leopard print Louis Vuitton scarf (cost-per-wear makes it pay for itself, yes?).

Brigitte Bardot polka dot capri pants

But I have another love and that is polka dot. Every polka dot piece I have owned I have adored. I blame it on Julia Roberts in Pretty Women – that mocha polka dot dress at the polo? I DIE.

Julia Roberts polka dot dress Pretty Woman polo scene

So when I was in Anthropologie last weekend and spotted (ha!) their polka dot skinnies my heart skipped a beat. But I was on a simultaneous Fashion Mission (another goddarn wedding outfit) so I kept walking.

Anthropologie polka dot jeans blue white

Then, this week I had a dream job offer. So, my first thought was: yesss! Polka Dot Skinny Jeans Reward Time!

The Anthropologie jeans seemed pretty steep at 148 pieces of gold, but a quick Google search showed that the only other polka dotted bad boys were from Paige Denim and NOT YET ON BLOODY SALE! Do us a favour and stop taunting us Paige with blog upon blog of beautiful faded raspberry lushness.

Paige denim polka dot jeans raspberry
Note to high street denim buyers: where the ‘eff are your polka dot skinnies!??????? Nada!

So… the other pair that got me were the Current Elliot stiletto style in indigo. Also lush in the green colour way too. As a shortie I love jeans that are cropped at the ankle and the polka dots are proper contrasting denim not printed dots.

Current Elliot polka dot jeans My wardrobe

These darlings were even steeper at just under 200 notes but a My Wardrobe 50 squid off coupon had landed on my door – fate right? Also my size – 1 pair left… eek! A quick purchase was needed. And actioned.

Another Fashion Mission complete!

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    Er, now *I* want a pair of polka dot skinnies. So THANKS, Victoria! 😉

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    But WHERE can I find a pair with a nice cropped length, a la Brigitte’s at the start of the post? They’re so hard to spot (if you’ll forgive the pun)!?!? x x x

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