The Manifesto // Why do men cheat and/or have affairs (the bastards)?

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This week, it’s a biggie: why do men cheat? Why do men have affairs? Why are they such bastards? < well, technically we didn’t ask them that last bit. But they knew. THEY KNEW!

Here’s what our band of merry men had to say for themselves…

Why do men cheat?MAN 1 //

Basically men have affairs for the same reason women do – because they’re wankers.

Cheating is a pretty miserable thing to do whatever your sex – a wandering eye is one thing, but waking up with a crushing hangover served with a side order of guilt is quite another.

So remember, the next time the cheating bastard is sighing and claiming that he shagged your sister because of stress at work or the need to sow his wild oats, he’s lying. The real reason is because he’s a cunt.

Why do men cheat?MAN 2 //

Men have affairs because they want to sleep with somebody else.

It’s some sort of primal, ego driven, alpha male bull shit that drives them to do it, even if it’s totally irrational. Then as soon as it’s done they’ll regret it.

 That’s not an excuse, just an explanation. Men are more than capable of not having an affair, it’s just a question of how much they respect you.
All that said, men very likely have affairs for exactly the same reasons women do: they’re bored and want to try something new.

Why do men cheat?MAN 3 //

Maybe it’s because deep down we’re all bastards who don’t know what’s good for us?

Having never cheated on a girlfriend, I honestly don’t know how to answer this question.

In my first year of university, I dated a girl for one week. In that week I was tempted to cheat twice (can you see why it only lasted one week?) but both times I resisted. Even though I knew my relationship had the same lifespan as a bottle of milk, I still couldn’t bring myself to “do the dirty”.

That’s right Le Blow, I’m a paragon of faithfulness. I just think cheating is plain wrong. I guess it comes down to how I opened this rant, some men are just bastards.

Why do men cheat?MAN 4 //

Jesus, this is a BIG question – but a fair riposte would be: why do women have affairs too? HUH? Because ‘people’ just get bored or are unhappy and simply can’t control the urge.

I have known (and do know) women that cheat regularly, are candid about, and ultimately enjoy doing it, so this is very much a loaded question. Yes of course men cheat, however you find that they often do so with equally unfaithful women.

You need to look at the relationship as well as the individual.

Why do men cheat?MAN 5 //

Men cheat for all sorts of reasons, just as women do.

Although there are extenuating reasons for a one-off knee trembler out the back room of Inferno’s after a bellyful of Jagers, if it’s happening on an ongoing basis it demonstrates a) the relationship is unfulfilling in one way or another – this could be the fault of the other, either through a denial of sex, affection or money.

Or b) an intrinsic selfishness on the part of the cheater, that they are someone who is not prepared to control themselves or their ego for the sake of someone that loves them.

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