George Dawes baby romper suit onesie

10 reasons why we love onesies // PLUS OnePiece 20% off discount code

We got on board ship onesie this time last year (it had nothing to do with One Direction, honest) and our obsession with what essentially is an adult romper suit is still going strong. Seriously, once you go onesie you never look backsie.

Here are 10 good reasons why:

They’re seriously snug

women's adult onesie 2013

Like, SERIOUSLY. In a portable sleeping bag sort of way.

Cara Delevingne loves hers

cara delevingne onesie -

cara delevingne animal onesie

cara delevingne panda onesieAnd she is the Queen of Cool, right? RIGHT.

You can totally wear one to Tesco

onesie supermarket -


They’re seasonally appropriate

Fair Isle onsie - women's adult onesie - OnePiece - images -

Screw you, Christmas jumper! Don a Fair Isle print onesie for wintry Scandi log cabin vibes. Even if you’re in Croydon.

You can pretend you’re a unicon

women's unicorn onesie - images -

This is never, EVER a bad thing.

Or impersonate George Dawes

George Dawes baby romper suit onesie

You’re a baby! You’re a baby! Thank you, baked potato, etc.

Or do the MC Hammer dance

It’s all about the dropped crotch. STOP! It’s onesie time.

You can buy one for Him Indoors

onesie love

And then steal your generous gift off him and wear it yo’self, heh. One(sie) love! For the mother’s pride!

Every (wo)man and his (her) dog has one!

sausage dog in a onesie

dog onesie - Camo dog onesie, £49,

You can get 20% off at OnePiece

onepiece discount code

If you’ve tried out a cheapy onesie courtesy of Primark but feel ready to invest in a proper bit of kit for Christmas, you gotta head to OnePiece AKA the ORIGINAL onesie makers. The quality of their all-in-one garms is top notch (hence them being a leetle pricier) and they just have a certain Scandi-cool about them.

If you fancy getting in on the onesie action, or making like point number eight on our list, then jump right in and use Le Blow’s exclusive code to get 20% off your OnePiece purchase.

Just head to and use discount code 31LEBLOW at check out for 20% off until December 17th. We’ve bought the cool camo style for URBZ street style vibes but let us know which onesie YOU choosie in the comments below!

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    Could so easily be 10 reasons why we hate…. but your post is funny. You prove the onesies should be only for dogs.

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