Our three favourite Steven Meisel SS/’11 campaign vids

Someone’s been a busy boy. Namely, the American Photographer Steven Meisel AKA the man behind Madonna’s 1992 book Sex (remember the noise they made about that? Sheesh). He’s photographed a number of campaigns for SS/’11 including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture and is certainly no stranger to a Vogue cover.

Here are a few of our favorite SS/’11 ad campaigns Meisel has worked his magic on:

Lanvin SS/’11

Shows models Iselin Steiro and Kinga Rajzak freeze frame hair flicking, seductively leaning, lounging and strutting around in between half arsed bitch fights to Rick James’ Super Freak. With their low maintenance wet look hair styles and Robert Palmer band girl smokey eyes and red lips we’ll totally be copying this look. I’d fight them both for the brown calfskin and crystal sandals.

Prada SS/’11

There’s nothing quite like models rocking out to the amazing percussion and electro beats of Ratatat’s Mirando against a black and white back ground to make us want ALL the colourful pieces in this collection. The Caribbean and baroque prints in dayglo colours look wickedly playful with the model’s Betty Boo cartoon hair. We love love love all the stripes, the chunky platforms and are already thinking about having children with the round framed statement sunglasses with the rococo curl arms. We might have to fake number the brogues with the flat platform, they look a bit built up shoe special.

CK one SS/’11

Ok, so we would never buy this perfume because unisex scents are plain weird and it reminds us of being 15 and queuing up, trying to get into clubs wearing our school shoes. We would however, like to hang out with these guys as they mosh, grind, pose, break dance, argue semi clad to tunes such as Salt N Pepa’s Push it, Kelis’ I Hate You, Far East Movement’s G6 broken up by kitsch elevator music. Featuring Lara Stone, Cassie, Alice Dellal, Sky Ferreira and loads of hot guys what’s not to love?

I especially love it because they dropped in a BMX and a boom box which are my favorite props ever. Oh and can someone please stop me from shaving half my head like Cassie. I know I’d regret it after about 12 seconds.

Steven Meisel, we salute you *insert Le Blow seal of approval, right there*

Jude Brosnan

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