We’d like to live in the Wildfox Couture Fall 2011 Lookbook, please

To put it bluntly, if the Wildfox Couture AW/’11 Lookbook were a boy, it’d totally get it.

It appears the cult LA label have tapped into our innermost thoughts here at Le Blow HQ and weaved our dreams into a clothing collection. It’s all ’70s inspired, Almost Famous, outsize hats, band-boy-chasing, bell-bottom-wearing, flower waving, laughing, rock ‘n’ rolling, gig-going gorgeousness.

It’s only rock and roll but we fucking LOVE it:

And just so you know: no, we haven’t been asked by Wildfox to post about this (we’re too lazy to have signed up to any PR mailing lists) nor have we been ‘gifted’ (as is the popular term) with freebie tees (though clearly we wouldn’t say no). But, we are genuine Wildfox fan girls – in fact, fuck it, we’ll go as far as to say we’re Wildfox groupies, in keeping with the general theme here.

Having purchased *cough* five *cough* Wildfox tees in my time, I can vouch for their ‘mazing cut and top-notch cloth. There’s something about the way a) they hang that makes your tits look amazingly perky and b) the way the fabric wears, getting better with every wash making the admitedly hefty price tag (around £60 squid a pop) totes worth it.


Natalie Wall

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