Alexander Wang SS13

Right here, right now // Trends for 2013 you can see, do and buy into immediately

Karl Lagerfeld has told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

You spend more for what you really want… if you have a new fashion item it cannot wait.

This is something we know already.

Karl Lagerfeld

Despite a vague New Year’s resolution to BUY LESS STUFF I DON’T NEED, fashion just keeps steaming ahead.

And if you’re iron-willed enough to jump off a bandwagon driven by someone in starched cotton and fingerless gloves, you’re a stronger woman than me.

See below for 2013 ideas you can see, do and buy into immediately…

The new holiday

Psy Gangnam style

South Korea. Psy inspired tours round Gangnam. Everyone eating kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage), watching great horror films, shopping uptown and listening to K-pop.

Plus the Korean tourist board website is massively useful, with tips from how to learn Taekwondo to a lowdown of Korea’s favourite soaps. Visit, er, for more info/inspo.

The new shoe

Marc Jacobs SS13 60s style mid heels

The 1 inch heel. An extension of the 60’s modernist trend as seen at Marc Jacobs, the tiny block heels adds a coquettish look to simple dressing.

The new 90s crush

Winona Ryder 90s

Winona is BACK. Black Swan and Star Trek aside, she’s now officially spending less time appearing in CCTV department store footage and taking on a more rewarding role with The Iceman, for 2013.

In the meantime, let’s just put Heathers on loop and pretend the last decade never happened.

The new prints

Alexander Wang SS13

Sheer panels and mono-blocking take the directional edge from last season’s wallpaper and digital prints. See Alexander Wang, Celine and Jil Sander for reference.

The new fitness craze

Cheggers on Ice

Having personally booked ice skating lessons for 2013, I can verify that doing a ‘forward inside mohawk’ is the new bikram yoga. The new series of Dancing on ice begins this week with Pammy and errrr… Keith Chegwin so you KNOW it’s cool to be gliding, right?

Well, water was a huge fashion motif at the shows for Spring so maybe I’ll just leave it there…

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