What’s big in our box // Azealia Banks Vs Angel Haze

Aahhh, there’s nothing to start off the new year quite like a juicy cut of Twitter beef is there? The time honoured tradition as deeply stemmed in hip-hop as booty hoe videos and sampling country classics.

Obvs leave it to the scrappy Azealia Banks, who probably has a daily bust-up with her own reflection, to make up one half of the latest bar fight.

After trading Twitter blows frankly too innocuous to go through with MTV Sound poll nominee Angel Haze, the latter took to her studio to record the cutting On The Edge diss aimed at former pal Banks, which turned out to be….pretty decent.

There’s nothing like a fire in the belly and a desire to cut off the head of your former bestie to really get the creative juices flowing, huh?

Obviously, not one to shy away from a battle, let alone a rap battle, Ms Banks retaliated with No Problems (she should like, totally call up 2Chainz, with his many Fuckin Problems then :D). Again, separating it from the yawnfest argument it stems from – this is a grimy, dirty job that TBH shits all over some of Banks’ more official output.

So, while all this tedious back-and-forth could be sorted with a good old poker game (that’s how people used to stop fights back in the day right?), maybe a little name calling and cat fighting is actually good when it involves hose-blasting some fucking sassy tunes, right??

Hey, if it worked for Jay-Z and Nas….


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