Turning over a new leaf

The air is different today,
The wind sings with a new tone
Sighing of changes coming.
Rhawk, Alban Elfed 

September is all about change, ain’t it?

New season, new fashion trends, new series of X Factor (or SCD depending on what floats your boat), new winter coat to see you through until spring. Even now, the smell of new books and stationery in WH Smith takes me straight back to buying school supplies with my mum (with maybe a new Babysitter’s Club book thrown in if I was lucky).

You can feel it in the air; the nights are slowly but surely drawing in, the leaves on the trees are starting to change colour and fall, and the temperature is edging ever lower.

And even though the changing of season is as reliable as day turning to night, or the tide going in and out, it always catches me by surprise. I’m filled with a mixture of sadness, of saying ‘so long’ to summer, but also anticipation of what’s to come.

My birthday’s in October and I have to say, it’s definitely my favourite season – and not only because of the presents, honest… I just love the beautiful jewel-like tones of nature, the pleasantly crisp days, the chance to cocoon and nest, wrapped up in cosy layers.


I also embrace the opportunity for personal, positive change. I’ve mentioned before my hatred of new year resolutions in January, instead preferring to set my intentions at the first sign of spring – a spring cleaning of my mental clutter, if you like.

If spring is all about letting go of what no longer serves you, then autumn is surely about setting goals for the rest of the year. With the hedonism of hazy summer days firmly behind you, this season lends itself to buttoning down the hatches and actually doing.

This has been a real year of change for me. I knew it was going to happen, with thinking-planet Jupiter in my spiritual twelfth house for much of the year – cue a LOT of soul-searching! – but it’s exciting being in the eye of the storm. It’s taken me until now to strip back the layers and get a real sense of self again. To recalibrate and reset, like an iPhone gone wrong.


I feel like I’m now in a position to tentatively work towards some dreams and goals, and to start making things happen (it’s no coincidence lucky ol’ Jupiter is about to move into my sign, Libra, wooo! I’m currently reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and every day at 7.30am I write my ‘Morning Pages’, which I try and do outside, bare-foot, weather allowing.

These pages are like a stream-of-consciousness; three full pages of longhand writing, just letting the words flow out. I treat these meanderings as a sort of mediation, accompanied by a cup of herbal tea, and the idea is that they help you to tap into the ‘wisdom within’. Whatever the outcome, I’m finding it very therapeutic.

I’ve also started a weekly newsletter, you guys! It’ll be sent every Wednesday and will be loosely themed around mind, body, soul, rock ‘n’ roll. Plus crystals, horoscopes, tarot and and anything else that makes me feel I’m basically Bonnie from The Craft.
You can subscribe HERE.

Another new daily habit I’ve acquired is going for long walks in the gorgeous green spaces near my home. The pictures in this post were quick snaps taken on my iPhone (so soz for quality) on one such walk post yoga class this morning.

While I was photographing a beautiful flower (the one on my Instagram Story), look at the little inquisitive fella who joined me on the bench (and yup, busted with a take-out coffee cup – my first in months but I had left my KeepCup at home)!


Yes, autumn is coming. And as the leaves start to change colour, I’m excited to turn over a personal new leaf of my own.


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