Six guilty pleasure celebrity sorts

Guilty pleasures. And I’m not talking about the normal, ‘ooooh I secretly fancy Phillip Schofield’ or ‘isn’t Gordon Ramsay hot in a craggy kinda way?’, cos as we all know we here at Le Blow are not necessarily normal. But we are randy.
Sometimes (ahem).
And we know what we like, even if we know we shouldn’t like it. So here’s my list. My guilty pleasure crushes – the boys I know I shouldn’t like, but I do.
And I would.
These are not my Marmites, they are my Doner Kebabs. And I bloody love them…

1. Jack White


Right, bear with me. Let’s break it down. Sexy Detroit drawl? Check. Tall (6”2)? Check. Drummer’s arms. Weird sister/ wife situation. All tortured and poetic and that. And have you SEEN him play that guitar? This boy is hot. In fact he’s smoking. Well, you can bang my drum and ring on my doorbell Mr White. Anytime.

2. Professor Green


Those who follow me on Twitter will have witnessed the shameless cyber-flirting first hand in a feeble attempt to kick off the BOFF THE PROF campaign. Well, I just love to be surprised and that is exactly what I was when I started following the Prof. This dude is funny. Really funny. He’s sharp, he’s witty, and he dresses, well- like a pro(f). Tattoos are a bonus, Chav haircut we can deal with, and penchant for Page 3 models? Wwell this automatically puts him in ‘what a rascal’ and ‘he just needs to meet the right woman’ category. Which gives him bona fide crush status in my book.

3. McFly


Any of them, or (ideally) all of them. I owe it to my 14 year old inner self to put a boy band on here. She is still DEVASTATED from Robbie-gate in ’96. And if I’m going to delve into the foray of boy bands, hot, tattooed and wielding guitars goes a l-o-n-g way – DID YOU NOT SEE THE PARTY GIRL VIDEO? Watch before you mock. Vampires, six packs and tattoos. And come to mention it ‘that’ Attitude spread. Yet again another high five to the gays. They just know. Shower power.

4. Chris Brown


Controversial, I know. I am not or ever will advocate any type of violence towards men/ women/ animals/ plants/ANYTHING. But this is my GUILTY pleasure list. And Chris Brown? Well, I’m not sure who, what, when, or how… but he got HOT. His new album, is quite frankly THE SEX and I’m obsessed (just ask my flatmate. I’m under strict warning that if she hears Deuces one more time my De Havillands are going out the window. Awkward).

5. Edd Gibson (Friendly Fires)


Well if it ain’t the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean then SIT DOWN Friendly Fires cos you are rocking MY BOAT. What started as a shuffle, evolved into a cheeky salsa shimmy, and now has hit full-on Tom Jones on the Richter scale. Seriously, his hips don’t lie and what they say is ‘oh, hi. Climb on board, lets move to Paris, and ill give you the kiss of life’. Or summink. Either way. Sccchhhhhwing.

6. Jack O’ Connell


Well, Skins was always referred to in my house as #cookporn as it was essentially sixty minutes of pure ogle time at the extremely cheeky Mr O’Connell. Phones off. No speaking. Pure appreciation. Then, THEN came The Runaway. Oh wow. Mr O-C with a cockerney accent all tortured and fighty and topless for (what I deem) a necessarily amount of screen time. Bravo Martina Cole; bravo Sky 1 and bravo Jack O’Connell.

Amy Rycroft

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    bloody awful collection of Guilty pleasures if you ask me

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    Hence the guilt *flails self with cat-o-nine-tails*

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    Secretly, most of these are my guilty pleasures, plus Caleb Followill and Jack Black and minus Chris Brown!

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